Shopee Shopee

Ano ang iyong pinaglalaban?

We are so much more than what people see. Witness the incredible journey of 4 brave women who stood up against judgement, discrimination because of their skin condition.

It’s never a good thing to feel people judge you based on your looks. You can be the nicest or the friendliest person in the room, but when they choose to look at your face instead of what’s inside, it’s a truly defeating feeling.

For us women, confidence comes from taking care and feeling good about ourselves. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. Maxi-Peel has launched a campaign helping 4 independent women as they go through a life-changing process to achieve the skin they've always wanted.

Pimple and acne problems have made life hard for Angeline, Kata, Andrea, and Joepy. But, together with Maxi-Peel, they’ve finally moved on to exciting, new chapters in life!

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