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Maxi-Peel has been the leading exfoliant line in the country since 2001. By offering affordable and dermatologically-tested skin care products, Maxi-Peel has given every Filipina a chance to achieve the best version of their skin!

2001 - The Birth of Maxi-Peel

Maxi-Peel quickly made a name for itself, thanks to its stronger formulation, higher efficacy, and affordability. Soon enough, it became the leading exfoliant line in the Philippines!

2004 - Maxi-Peel remains on top

Maxi-Peel continued its dominating ways by acquiring 54% market share! The astringent line was able to grow the company’s earnings from ₱600 million to ₱1 billion.

2007 - The Brand Champion, Maxi-Peel

With its steady growth, Maxi-Peel became the category champion of the exfoliant line.

Present Day: Beautifully-Renewed Skin for Every Filipina

Maxi-Peel grew from a single exfoliant solution to a complete skin care line! From the Maxi-Peel Exfoliant Solution to Maxi-Peel Zero. From moisturizers to sunblock solutions, there is a Maxi-Peel product for your skin care needs!